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Get Started with Westchester County / Greenwich Connecticut based Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist Ilyse Schapiro, MS, RD, CDN, on your unique journey to health and vibrance. Not in the area? Ilyse takes phone, FaceTime, and Zoom appointments. 

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About Ilyse Schapiro Nutrition

Ilyse is the perfect combination of a highly trained professional with strong interpersonal skills. Our multiple shared clients have not only been successful in their nutrition goals, but have gained new insights into healthy living…

Ilyse Schapiro is the go-to Nutritionist.



Ilyse is an exceptional nutritionist. She takes into account her client’s strengths, weaknesses, time restraints, and pitfalls and works to navigate through them. She encourages, laughs, listens, and cares. She will teach you about yourself and about all food choices and, ultimately, she will change your life!



My Journey,

My Passion

While working in ad sales at Men’s Health magazine in 2004, I decided to follow my lifelong dream of becoming a Registered Dietitian. I had always been passionate about health and nutrition, but I was too intimidated to pursue the required science courses while in undergrad. After a few years of working in the “real world,” it was time to make a change. I summoned the courage to apply to NYU’s Nutrition and Dietetics Master’s program; when the acceptance letter arrived, there was no other choice but to take the leap. I left publishing and put myself through graduate school.

Returning to school in my mid-twenties wasn’t easy (neither were the Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, and Human Anatomy classes), but it was the best decision I ever made. I was pursuing my dream career and living my purpose. In just a matter of time, I landed an internship at a major NYC private practice. Eventually, the internship turned into my first nutrition job with Today show nutritionist Joy Bauer. This experience, along with those in clinical settings, gave me the confidence and knowhow to start my own private practice in the Westchester/Lower CT area.

My wellness philosophy stems from the belief that healthy living starts with healthy eating. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with hundreds of clients and working with them to set realistic, attainable goals. By making small changes, they’ve been able to feel good, feel proud, and embrace a life full of health.

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