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Take control using Ilyse's step by step program on your own schedule!

30-day Nutrition Success

The Personal Health & Nutrition MasterClass

Join the 30-days Nutrition Success Training

and Take Control of Your Health & Nutrition!  This program is self-directed and self-paced.

60-day Nutrition Success

The Group Coaching & Nutrition MasterClass

Join the 60-days Nutrition Success Training and Take Control of Your Health & Nutrition! This is Ilyse's signature Group Coaching Program.


The perfect solution for those with special health considerations or prefer 1-on-1 attention.

Moms on the Go

Tips for preparing quick, wholesome meals for the entire family. Learn to make healthy choices––even while facing daily challenges like little sleep and a non-stop schedule!

Weight Loss

All the easy-to-use tools you need to knock off pounds, optimize health, and stay on track… for good! Learn to optimize your diet to increase energy, minimize health conditions, and ensure overall wellness.

Children & Young Adults

Nurturing environment in which children and young adults learn how food affects their body. Sessions address body image issues, struggles, and social situations. Ultimately, children are taught how to make life-long healthy choices!

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Many conditions can be managed and treated with the proper nutrition plan. Working alongside your doctors, Ilyse’s clinical background allows her to offer trusted advice for patients.

Busy Professional

Learn how to stay healthy while leading a fast-paced lifestyle/ high-pressured job. Create a rock solid plan to gain control over pitfalls, including cocktail parties, travel and late nights at the office.

Sports Nutrition

Everything you need to be a top performing athlete! Whether your goal is to increase lean muscle mass or gain/lose weight, learn the appropriate proportions of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

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Real Research.
Real Results.

With Ilyse’s signature 1:1 programs there is no need for excuses, just action and results. Pick the signature program that speaks to you and get started, whether over the phone, virtually or in person at one of Ilyse’s two locations in Westchester County or Greenwich, Connecticut.

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