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Ilyse has been enlisted by Fortune 500 companies to share her expertise, lecturing employees at companies like Google and PepsiCo on healthful eating, and healthy living. Ilyse has partnered with fitness organizations such as Equinox and Flywheel Sports to present on Sports Nutrition, and nutritional do’s and don’ts. In her work with adolescents, Ilyse has spoken at established private schools across the New York area, on helping teens maintain a healthy diet, and a positive body image.

Ilyse is available to come motivate your group. Give your employees, co-workers, and students the know-how to become better performers.


• Content is presented in an easily digestible format and tailored for specific age groups and interests

• Ilyse provides insightful clarity, cutting through the discrepancies regarding nutrition trends

• Audience gains a greater understanding of how to eat healthy for their lifestyle to increase productivity and performance.

Companies Ilyse Has Worked With

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